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Keyz Thankz offers businesses and individuals sensible alternatives to impaired driving and DUI’s. We provide car and driver retrieval services 7 days per week, year-around in an effort to offset impaired driving statistics.

We offer corporate retainers and special event packages for those who wish to create awareness, reduce liability , and ensure their employees and guests are driven home safely in their vehicles.

Our service includes transportation in your vehicle to and from establishments such as casinos, medical facilities, airports, special events, auto repair centers, and of course your favorite hang-out.


When you have had a few drinks and really should not be driving, but you HAVE to have your vehicle home for the next day, for 6 or 7 dollars more than a taxi, Keyz Thankz offers a safe and economical solution.

When you call, we send two people out. One person drives the customer home in the customer’s car. The other person follows and picks up the driver when they arrive at their destination.